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Protect Your Family Jewels.

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We at If you Can, LLC, feel that we have the best jobs on the planet. Few things are more gratifying than knowing that every line of code you write is intended to give parents the insight they need into their children’s digital worlds.

People have been using data to make informed decisions since the dawn of man. Why should parents be any different? Parenting is difficult enough? Why would anyone venture into parenting without knowing what their children are doing on the Internet? That’s what we do. We provide parents with the digital binoculars to peer into their children’s Internet wilderness.

Business Solutions

Ensure Efficiency and

Demand Productivity.

Would you like to ensure that your pizzas are being delivered to your customers promptly? Maybe your customers would like to know via an automated alert when the pizza order is within 3, 2 or 1 miles of arriving.

Whenever you are delivering a product to customers, don’t let the mystery of the delivery ruin the experience. We can give you detailed reports, record calls from mobile devices to customers and guarantee the authenticity of photos taken as part of your business process documentation.

Our business customers get enterprise class solutions in their own virtual private cloud that we can help manage with infinite scalability, proven security and unparalleled reliability.

Unparalleled Features

Backed up by four years of beta testing in 195 countries

Our Dashboard provides you with comprehensive device status and other critical information.

From the Dashboard, you can instantly discover issues or verify details about your devices or the devices of your children. Stay in complete control by seeing current location, summary statistics, hardware details such as battery level, charging status and network connectivity.You also have a command panel to conduct recordings, locat via sound, change the screenlock and remove wipe.

Our free version uploads Contacts, Messages, Call History, Calendar and Browsing History.

Whether you are backing up your own data or monitoring the activities of your children, the textual data stored on the phone is very important. All of your device’s text data is securely stored in your account cloud forever, until you delete it. If you lose your device, at least you won’t los your important information You’re in complete control and can change the monitoring settings anytime as often as you like.

Don’t miss any multimedia activity occurring on your devices.

What gets uploaded to your account in the cloud is completely up to you and you can change it at anytime. We support uploading all images, sound files and videos. You can also record surroundings, phone calls, screen activity and more. If you’re worried about data plans and battery, don’t be. We give you complete control to ensure that none of your cell data plan is used and th multimedia uploads do not consume your battery.

Stop wondering where your children are.

With our comprehensive location tracking technology, you can see where your children are now or where they’ve been. You can see it in detailed location histories or graphically with our location based heatmaps. Using our Fences/Barriers/Destinations, you can be alerted when your children enter or leave areas of interest identified by you.

Get notified when unexpected things happen.

Our notifications are rich and comprehensive. If you want to be notified when your child leaves home, takes pics at school, texts in the middle of the night, it’s all at your fingertips. You can have these alerts sent to your email or any number of other email address. You can also have them delivered to our free Manager app that allows you to monitor on the go.

Stay tuned into what apps have been installed and uninstalled.

It’s important to know what apps have been installed on your children’s devices. It’s equally important to know what apps have been uninstalled. Apps are organized into those that were installed by the factory as well as those installed by the user. You can also see the permissions required by the app as well as installation dates.

Powerful Remote Settings provide the flexibility you need.

Your monitoring needs may change overtime. As your children grow or their situations change, you can use our powerful remote settings to instantly change what is tracked, how it’s tracked and how it’s uploaded to your account. It doesn’t matter where the device is located. Your changes are sent to the monitored device and those changes take effect immediately.

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(all plans include basic Dashboard features)

1st year free

$0.99 / year thereafter


  • 100MB of Storage for Text Data
  • Contacts
  • Text Data(New Data Only)
  • 1 Fence / Barrier / Destination
  • Location History

$15 / year

$0.99 / year thereafter


  • 100MB of Storage for Text Data
  • Contacts
  • Text Data (Since Previous Day)
  • 2 Fences / Barriers / Destinations
  • Location History & Heatmaps

$30 / yr

$0.99 / year thereafter


  • 30GB of Primary Cloud Storage
  • Contacts & Text Data (Since Last Week)
  • Multimedia Support
  • 5 Minute Surround Recordings
  • 20 Second Screen Captures
  • Up to 10 min for Call Recordings
  • 3 Fences / Barriers / Destinations
  • Location History & Heatmaps

$60 / yr

$0.99 / year thereafter


  • 80GB of Primary Cloud Storage
  • Contacts & All Text Data
  • Multimedia Support
  • 15 Minute Surround Recordings
  • 2 Minute Screen Captures
  • Up to 1 hour for Call Recordings
  • Scheduled Recordings
  • 10 Fences / Barriers / Destinations

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Meet the Team

We are a passionate mix of information technology veterans and young whippersnappers just wanting to do some good.

Kevin Bloom

USA, Thailand CEO, Founder, Initial Investor

Entrepreneur and international IT veteran with 24 years of experience in enterprise IT solutions.

James Osborn

UK, Hong Kong, Thailand Founding Investor, Advisory Board

James is a Financial industry veteran with executive experience at JP Morgan and AssetPlus.

Dr. Kongkiat Opaswongkarn

Thailand Founding Investor, Advisory Board

Dr. Kongkiat is CEO of Asia Plus Securities Plc., He is also currently serving as a member of the Wharton Executive Board for Asia and a director for the Bangkok Symphony Orchestra Foundation.

Peter Burke

UK, Thailand Founding Investor, Advisory Board

International business attorney and law firm owner with decades of experience in international business matters.

Craig White

South Africa, Thailand Founding Investor, Advisory Board

IT veteran and business leader with decades of experience in enterprise IT solutions.

Mike Chadwick

USA Advisory Board

25 years leading software technology companies; grew a company from $7M to $100M in revenue with successful exit

Here are some of our extraordinary technical talent. Theoretical Physicists. Biophysicists. Mathematicians. PHDs. Masters Degrees. All of it.


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