Protect all of your Android devices. Never lose any Android smartphone data.
Recover lost or stolen phones.
  • For Consumers
  • Grant Freedom & Earn Trust
    Combat Bullying
    Automate Protection
    Backup Instantly & Incrementally

  • For Businesses
  • Track Assets/Fleets
    Acquire | Engage & Retain Customers
    Intelligent Customer Notification Platform

    • Protector

      by IF YOU CAN

    Protection and Freedom

    It’s ok to monitor your child’s smartphone activity. Some say it’s actually a moral imperative. Protector securely, instantly and incrementally backs up your child's phone activity to your cloud account for real-time monitoring.

    Ideal for parents who want to ease their children into the world of smartphones, while keeping them safe.

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    • ProtectMe

      by IF YOU CAN

    Instant, Secure and Incremental Backup

    Today, your smartphone contains more data than your computer. Why take the risk of losing any data at all in the event that your phone is damaged, lost or stolen and cannot be recovered. ProtectMe securely, instantly and incrementally backs up your phone’s activity to your cloud account for safe keeping.

    Ideal for Android users who cannot tolerate risks of losing their phone’s data.

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  • Heatmap



    • Dashboard

      by IF YOU CAN

    Manage and Monitor ON THE GO.

    Use IYC Dashboard to manage and monitor all of your devices from a single spot. Our native notifications for iOS and Android will keep you updated in real time.

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    • NotifyMe

      by IF YOU CAN

    Real-Time Notification Delivery

    If you’re an organization, our multipurpose notification platform will instantly inform your constituents of real-time matters based upon language preference, group affiliation and notification priority. Notifications prepared by you will be delivered to your constituents’ iOS and Android phones.

    If you are an end user, use our NotifyMe app to pull important messages from organizations in your life.

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  • Insurance

    ATTRACT, ENGAGE and RETAIN customers. Create new products.

  • Telcos

    Face it. Your service is a commodity. We can help you differentiate it.

  • Logistics

    Tired of proprietary and expensive equipment? We’ll lower costs and increase capabilities.

  • Schools

    Let us help you track your bus fleet. With our notification system, we can also keep parents informed.

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