Generally speaking, this should not impact you. However, we do have reports on some device and Android version combinations that Contacts are missing.
You can open Contacts and add them by clicking on the + icon in the Details panel.
This is a very rare situation and will vanish over time. When this happens, Android has given this thread in our application a low priority and is starving it. We are taking steps to ensure that this doesn't happen but it will take a little time. Please report anytime this happens.
On some Android devices, duplicate text messages are part of Andorid. It is their bug. We are trying to suppress the duplicate message in our app and in your account. Please ignore them until we can weed this out of the system.
When you install most of our apps, you have an option to allow the app to install with a special class so that you can remote wipe your device (in case it’s stolen) or remote lock/unlock the device. This special class of app is known as a device administrator. To uninstall a device administrator, you have to first deactivate it as a device administrator. To uninstall the app if it’s been installed as a device administrator, simply do the following while physically on the device: Go to Settings Then to Security Then to Device Administrators Then deselect the app in the Device Administrators list After the app as been deactivated as a device administrator, you can now uninstall it like any other app.
There are three general reasons that you may not see browsing history on your child's device. 1) Your child may be browsing with an unsupported browser. Over time, we'll support more and more browsers. Right now, we support Chrome and the default browser. 2) Your child may be browsing in Incognito mode. There is nothing that we can do about this. However, you can use our Screen Capture functionality to see what your child is seeing on the Internet. 3) Android 6 on some devices has a bug which prevents us from accessing browser history. We are trying to work around this.
If you go to the APPS page, you will see two actions: 1) The refresh icon in the blue title bar: Click on this to see if any new apps are in our database but not showing in your account. 2) The Sync button: Click on this button to get an entirely new list of apps uploaded from the device.
Screen Capture only works on devices running Android 5 and above. This is an Android limitation. If you want to enjoy this feature, please upgrade your device.
Chat apps employ encryption to ensure communication privacy. As you know, a child has no reasonable expectation of privacy from parent's worrying eyes. However, your child does have the right to privacy from others. So, here's our answer: With our stealth Screen Capture technology, you can capture both sides of a communication on any app by viewing screen capture videos of the device activity. You can request these remotely. This entire process has been highly optimized. A 30 second screen capture video (with sound) is generally less than 2MB and is uploaded to your account in seconds. Stay tuned and get ready for this to get even better. Our future release will allow you to request automatic screen captures anytime specific apps are used. For example, you'll be able to do this: "Provide me with a screen capture anytime my child is using Snapchat!" or "Provide me with a screen capture anytime my child opens YouTube!"