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    Real Time Notification Delivery Platform

    Do you need to do a better job of engaging with and retaining your members or customers? Our intuitive browser-based notification platform can get the right message delivered to your customer’s smartphone notification panels at the right time and in the right language.

    If you’re a business, Get Started

    Are you a customer who wants to be better informed by organizations in your life? Install the NotifyMe app and begin seeing their important messages.

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  • Browser to Device Notifications. Stay out of the Inbox.

    According to an April 2018 report by GetResponse. A large majority of emails sent are never opened. While the open rate varies by country and industry, an average of 75.12% sent emails remain closed.

    Do you really expect users to wade through Twitter’s horrible user interface to find something important you’ve sent to them? Good luck with that.

    Facebook is no better. And, why have your customers deal with all of the negative comments that each post seemingly receives these days.

    Wait, did you say “But we use SMS”? It is 2018. You know.

Setting up for your business account is made easy

Create Account

Configure Settings

Import Customers or Members

One Click Notify Customers of NotifyMe app

Send Notifications

To see how your customers setup, see below.

Intuitive App for End Users

If you are tired of browsing your Email inbox, relying on messy Twitter feeds or scouring Facebook
for updates from organizations that mean the most to you, we have a solution for you.

Getting Started for Users is simple.

Install NotifyMe app

Create Account

Add a Place

Set Language Options

Add More Places

After you have installed the NotifyMe app and setup your Places, all you have to do is sit
back and wait to be notified. This way, you can be certain that what shows in your
phone’s notification screen is something you want.