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Our real-time notification delivery platform ensures your audience sees your message at the right time, at the right place and in their language.

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What is NotifyMe

NotifyMe is a simple yet sophisticated enterprise class B2C notification solution that solves technology and language problems in our multicultural world.

Why NotifyMe Works

Higher Customer Engagement

Application notifications have a much higher open rate than email or SMS. The majority of people find push notifications more relevant and useful.

Zero Language Barriers

Stop worrying about the languages spoken by your audience and get your important messages across in any language.

It's Simple

We've worked hard to solve the onboarding dilemma. Your organization and audience can get up and running with NotifyMe in minutes.

Easy on Your Budget

The price of NotifyMe is similar to that of bulk SMS. Since it's built on Google Firebase rather than antique technology, you get more for less.

How NotifyMe Works

Watch the videos below to see how your place (e.g. business, school, church, etc) can easily sign up and how your audience members can quickly install the app an start receiving notifications.

For Businesses

For Users

NotifyMe Business Features

Automatic Translation

The IYC translation platform allows you to comfortably write messages in your own language so that your audience can receive them in the default language of their smartphones.

Dynamic Groups

Whether your audience is composed of members, guests, parents, boards of directors, suppliers, or any other group that defines your business, the flexibility of our group technology will accommodate any place. Simply add people to groups using our import feature or add people as they subscribe to your notifications.


Automatically protect your audience by the spamless nature of our technology and opt-in only relationship model. Unlike email and SMS, there is simply no route for spam to reach a device via NotifyMe.

Rich Attachments

No communication platform would be complete without the capability to share rich content with your audience. Streaming video, PDF viewing, and embedded images are just a few examples of the types of content we support.

Proximity-based Notifications

Imagine delivering promotional notifications to customers as they enter your store or pass by a particular product. What if you could deliver a safety reminder to students arriving at your school, or course condition information, such as green speed or weather updates to golfers arriving at your golf course?

The optional proximity notification feature of NotifyMe handles the above cases and more.

Real-time Metrics

Whether it’s knowing who’s receiving your messages, which languages they’re receiving them in, and other metrics such as subscription onboarding rate, deletion and open rate, and more, we provide you with this real-time knowledge.

NotifyMe App Features

Native Language Support

During installation, we detect the smartphone's language and set the app’s interface language to that language if we support it. We also default all incoming notifications to the language detected on the smartphone. However, we let the user change the languages dynamically.

Elegant Design

NotifyMe was designed with the expectations of demanding users in mind. Our goal was to allow your audience to interact with the app with as few movements necessary to complete the task where signing up or subscribing to your notification feed.

Better Than Twitter

Who wants to decipher Twitter’s indecipherable feed? Better yet, NotifyMe has built in troll defenses. If you make a product announcement, random people cannot step on your message with negative feedback or hate speech.

Deeplinking for Easy Onboarding

NotifyMe's Deeplink support enables users to engage with places who’ve invited them with a single link. Each place’s single Deeplink also supports both Android and iOS.

Automatic Calendar Entry

Your audience can add your notifications to their smartphone’s calendar with the click of a single button. Your audience can add additional details to the calendar entry.

It’s a No Brainer

Given the improved user experience and ease of installation, it’s a no brainer for your audience to engage with you via NotifyMe.

NotifyMe Beacons

NotifyMe Beacons are just around the corner! Sign up now and get on the list to ensure early access to this leading-edge proximity notification solution. If you want to learn more about NotifyMe Beacons to see how they help deliver notifications in precisely the right spot, watch the video below.

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