What is ProtectMe?
ProtectMe is a mobile application that allows you to view, manage and backup your data to the Cloud. The app stores and tracks everything from multimedia files (photos, video and audio) to text data (contacts and location points).You can easily access all of the backup data on your mobile phone or tablet anytime and anywhere by logging in from your computer or from another smart device.
How ProtectMe works
ProtectMe connects to the Cloud via the Internet and allows you to access backed up data using its functions. All of your Android device data will easily fit in your 80GB of cloud storage for Trial subscription and 200GB for Premium Subscription. To use the backup features and commands, the device being backed up has to have internet connection. Install the ProtectMe application on the device you want to backup by logging in on our website www.ifyoucan.com or using the IYC dashboard app.
Updating ProtectMe
To update click on the 🛈 circled info icon next to your device name on the Dashboard and select UPDATE on the lower right corner. Make sure you have the device nearby to confirm the update.
Browsing History/Social Media and Apps
The application does not track internet browsing history, because of privacy issues and the Incognito mode. However, you can use our Screen Capture functionality to see what is on the device screen in real-time. You can request these remotely. This entire process has been highly optimized. A 30 second screen capture video (with sound) is generally less than 2MB and is uploaded to your account in seconds.
Battery Life may or may not be related to our app. The default settings should have little impact on the battery. If you’ve used one of the advanced/accurate location tracking system in Monitoring Settings, you should make adjustments until the battery consumption is acceptable. Switching to a less accurate method will result in drastic improvements in battery performance. It’s a price that we all pay for how much information we want, how quickly we need it and how accurate it needs to be.
Some of the more advanced Android devices have battery settings that restrict battery consumption of background services. Configure your settings and set a battery saver which limits the upload of large multimedia files. By turning the Batey Saver on large multimedia files will be uploaded only while the phone is charging.
What is the Android Device Administrator?
An Android Device Administrator is an app that has special and privileged features that offers support for enterprise applications such as email clients and protection/security based apps. Apps of this class require Device Administrator status so that they can do things like remote wipe or change the device’s password.
How do I activate ProtectMe as a Device administrator?
Activating an app as a Device administrator will vary by device manufacturer. However, in general, most devices have some version of this.

1) Go to Settings.
2) Go to Security.
3) Go to Device administrators.
4) Check ProtectMe to enable it as a Device administrator.
How do I deactivate ProtectMe as a Device administrator?
Deactivating an app as a Device administrator will vary by device manufacturer. However, in general, most devices have some version of this.

1) Go to Settings.
2) Go to Security.
3) Go to Device administrators.
4) Uncheck ProtectMe to enable it as a Device administrator.

Note: This will remove the permissions to remotely change/monitor the password and remotely wipe your device.
How to get ProtectMe/Installation
Visit our website www.ifyoucan.com to download the app. Once the app is installed on your device, which you would like to backup, you can access and follow the data via any browser, simply by logging into IYC Dashboard on www.ifyoucan.com. You can also download the IYC Dashboard application to use on the go.
If you want to download ProtectoMe but have one of these apps: System Manager or Protector, uninstall them in order to get ProtectMe . If you get “There is a problem parsing package”, when installing your app, this means that you're trying to install our app on a version of Android that's too old.
Delete ProtectMe/ Uninstall a Device Administrator
When you install most of our apps, you have an option to allow the app to install with a special class so that you can remote wipe your device (in case it’s stolen) or remote lock/unlock the device. This special class of app is known as a device administrator. To uninstall a device administrator, you have to first deactivate it as a device administrator. To uninstall the app you need disable device administrator permission on the device Send us an email at support@ifyoucan.com or file a support issue and we'll delete your account entirely.
Add or Remove Devices
You can use one account to backup an unlimited amount of devices. To backup additional devices, simply install ProtectMe on the next device and Sign in with your same email address. Adding devices requires an additional fee. If you are adding the new device to replace an existing device, follow the "Replace existing device" on the IYC Dashboard in the DEVICES page.
Create an Account/Sign Up
To get started, install ProtectMe on your device(s) that you want to backup and follow the registration steps. Verify your email address and sign into your account at www.ifyoucan.com using your email address and password and start to backup your phone with our comprehensive backing up Dashboard. Verifying your email address will allow you to start receiving notification and will improve the security of your account with us. You can also download the IYC Dashboard application to use on the go.
When signing up, you get a free 30-day trial, through which you can monitor multiple devices and use all the features and storage available. Your trial will begin immediately after logging into your account (www.ifyoucan.com). No billing information is required. After the 30-day trial period, you will be given a 7-day grace period during which you can upgrade to a premium subscription. If you don’t upgrade, all data will be deleted at the end of the grace period. Upgrading to a Premium subscription plan gives you further access to all your data and features.
There are two subscription plans:
Monthly Plan ($3 per month) - Monthly subscriptions with all features available automatically renew each month.
Annual Plan ($30 per year) - Enjoy a discount with the annual plan with all features available. We offer you a chance of automatic renewal.
Your Premium subscription will activate once you make a purchase, so you should immediately add which (1) device you would like to continue using. If you would like to continue using more than one device you can purchase more subscriptions, accordingly. If your subscription with us is interrupted, your data will stay secure for 30 days, before getting deleted.
A subscription is paid for in full when it is purchased. Users cannot receive a refund. Customers may cancel a subscription in the middle of a subscription period, but the subscription remains paid through the end of the same period.
To cancel a subscription contact us at support@ifyoucan.com or write us via live chat. If your subscription with us is cancelled or interrupted (not being paid), your data will stay secure for 30 days, before getting deleted.
New Subscription
Go to your account Settings section at the header and select Subscriptions. And buy your selected subscription.Scroll to the bottom to "Details for Available Subscriptions"In the "Choose device" option box, select the device to which you want to assign the subscription
If your trial period has ended, click on any multimedia related item.
IYC Dashboard
IYC (acronym for If You Can) Dashboard provides you with comprehensive device status and other critical information. Sign into your account at www.ifyoucan.com using your email address and password, and you will be brought to the IYC Dashboard, your comprehensive dashboard to view all your data and to use all your features. You can also download the IYC Dashboard app for a dashboard on-the-go.
The top right bell icon, the NOTIFICATIONS marks all the unread notifications and alerts. Click on SEE MORE for a full list of the notifications (the notification history), including the date/time. Filter the type of notification you want to see by choosing the type of notification (notification or alert) and device you would like to see. Mark all or individual notifications to delete them from your notification history.
Search Engine
The SEARCH engine searches through all the features, commands and pages of the application. Decrypting your securely encrypted data takes some time; this is why you see some pages taking extra time to load.
Enjoying the app? Rate us and give us feedback directly on your Dashboard.
From here view and download our latest apps. Each app includes their version
Your Account
Your account information can be configure by clicking on your name on the very top right. You can logout of your account or go to the ACCOUNT SETTINGS, to view or edit account information and options. You can also check on your SUBSCRIPTIONS, DEVICES, SETTINGS HISTORY, COMMAND HISTORY, SHARE WITH OTHERS and YOUR ISSUES.
Account Settings
Your ACCOUNT SETTINGS are available under your name drop down menu. The ACCOUNT INFORMATION you can edit here is your name, gender, number of children, marital status, birthdate, occupation, email, password, phone number and country. You are free to change the time zone (which time zone you would like to display your content). This can be helpful if you’re in one time zone and the device is in another and you want to know when events are happening in either your location or the device’s location. Pagination, how many items you want to be displayed per-page, as well as unit system (metric/standard) can be altered
Your SUBSCRIPTIONS are available under your name drop down menu. All subscriptions will be listed, with the device name the subscription is connected to, the activation date, expiration date and status (running or expired). And you can buy a new subscription by clicking the + icon or you can switch subscribed devices by clicking on CHANGE and selecting the new device.
Your DEVICE settings are available under your name drop down menu. All devices listed are also marked on the map above (including or discluding barriers). The icons next to devices are for quick changes. The eye icon will remove the ProtectMe app from the desktop of your device, the trash icon will remove the device (permanently delete everything from the account), the arrows icon will replace your device with another, the remote wipe icon will remotely delete all data on your device and the moon icon(hibernate) disables all monitoring of your device. You can resume monitoring at any point by clicking on the Wake button that is available when the app is hibernating. During hibernation, the app backs up nothing and only waits for the wake command. If the screen is inactive, the commands will be queued, and delivered only once the device is online.
Regardless, you can click on the PROCEED ANYWAYS button, to send the command despite activity status. The DEVICE list also indicates which application/subscription you're using with the device (System Manager, Protector, IYC Dashboard, ProtectMe) and when it will expire. By clicking on a device, all information about the device appears, including the device name (which you can set as the main device directly), subscription status (which you can update directly), expiration date of subscription, app info, phone number, name, marital status, relationship to user, birthdate, occupation, gender and emergency contact. The picture of the device can be changed by clicking on the phone icon. Click SAVE to save the changes you make.
Settings History
Your SETTINGS HISTORY is available under your name drop down menu. All setting changes will appear here
Command History
Your COMMAND HISTORY is available under your name drop down menu. All commands, including play sound, screen capture, refresh data, remote wipe, remote lock, remote unlock, record surroundings, hibernate, wake, wanted poster, screenshot, remote camera, stolen device, lost device, hide app and show app will appear on the screen. Viewing the history can be altered by choosing which device or which command you would like to see. The green check mark and red “X’ indicate whether the command was successful or not or the command might be still pending.
UPDATE MAP will refresh the map’s data.
Share With Others
Add a guest and give them login details, which is available under your name drop down menu. Click on the plus icon and create a username and password. Choose what the guest can view (contacts, images, videos, audio, geolocation) with their login. Edit their data by clicking on the pencil icon and you can also email them by clicking on the mail icon.
My Issues
Your ISSUES are available under your name drop down menu. You can create an issue for any defect or recommendation you find on the app or dashboard. To create a new issue click on CREATE ISSUES+. Pick the kind of defect, the priority, the device and subject of the issue. Write up the issue details, converse with the IYC team or attach a file to best represent your issue. Look up open, closed, answered and overdue issues, all under MY ISSUES.
Dashboard icons
The icons on the top right help you quickly access battery information (battery % level), device administration management and monitoring (whether ProtectMe is or is not a Device Administrator on your device; click VIEW DETAILS to learn more), wifi connection (connection status, wifi connection name, signal strength and history: click VIEW HISTORY for NETWORK HISTORY), cell data network, balance battery and accuracy method status, GPS enability, remote picture enablement (Automatically taken remote pictures when the device's password is entered incorrectly) , scheduling items and the settings.
If the device is charging but the dashboard says its discharged, that means you're using an improper cable that successfully charges the device but Android doesn't recognize the cable you're using. We've fixed most of these cases but we'll never fix them all.
My Devices
The right sidebar lists all the devices being backed up, each with a device tag (device nickname) of your choosing.
You can edit the device name by clicking on the pencil icon. The devices include a green/red dot, which indicates if the current device is online or offline and reveals when the device was last checked in. You can sort the apps by app, device type, device tag, installation date, or online/offline status. If you want to view the data of a certain device, it has to be selected. Click on the (i) icon to view more information about the device or to RENEW YOUR SUBSCRIPTION, UPDATE your application or REPORT LOST/STOLEN. To view the location history log click on VIEW ALL HISTORY. More device changes can be done through from your DEVICE settings, found under your name.
Device Offline/ Online
The device is marked online (green dot) or offline (red dot). There are many reasons the device can be shown offline. If the battery is low (you can keep track of the battery meter online) and the device is offline, there's a very good chance that the device's battery expired. If the user shuts down the device, we alert you with that same status. If we take down the infrastructure that is processing all of the mobile data that we use to enable your backing up of your devices, we will make the devices as offline due to Maintenance. If the device is marked offline (unknown), that means we have no way to detect the reason, when 1) the device/phone user removed the battery, 2) the device lost its internet connection, 3) the device has become idle and Android stops the network services to conserve battery, 4) the device has been destroyed, 5) the device has been put in Power Saving Mode, 6) the app crashed, was uninstalled or otherwise, or for other reasons.
Report Lost/Stolen
Report LOST/STOLEN can be done by clicking on the (i) icon on the device. If you have lost your device or it has been stolen, fortunately you can recover your valuable data. If you've installed Protector we can also help you take action to find your lost or stolen device. We are connected to most of the major carriers and central databases to streamline the reporting of lost and stolen devices. Please be aware that, depending upon your carrier, reported devices may be prevented from using carrier network resources. If you are absolutely certain that your device is no longer recoverable, choose of the device has been lost or stolen, add details you think we should know and click the REPORT button.
Wanted Poster
To send out a WANTED POSTER (poster warning your device thief to return the device) go to device info box and open (i) and REPORT LOST/STOLEN. Click “lost” if the device is lost and “stolen” if the device has been stolen and select the REPORT button. Nextly, navigate to activity icons section and click on the FAILURE PASSWORD icon. Click on the camera icon from the opened popup. Each click will take a photo and send it to website. Again, goto “failure password” and see the remote photos you took and from there click on the CREATE A POSTER/RETURN REQUEST button. Choose an image you want to put on the poster, choose a fingerprint, insert the answers in case of “yes” or “no” and add a DropZone if necessary. Once you send the request the device thief will receive the poster warning them to return the device, or less they’ll send this information to the police and share it on social media. The thief will read your warning and answer: “yes” or “no” (whether they will or will not return the device). You device will remain to be blocked until you report the device “found”.
The main page, THE DASHBOARD, is the default page. The top right icons show different statuses of the current devices. The Dashboard includes the CURRENT LOCATION, a large map, which marks the device’s current location, including the current address and date and time. The real time location of the device is always shown, along with approximation of the device holder running, cycling or driving. The bottom half holds the LOCATION HISTORY, with addresses, coordinates and date/ time.
On the right sidebar, monitoring and recording commands, as well as DEVICE ADMINISTRATOR COMMANDS are readily available for quick and easy use.
Ordinary Commands
The ordinary commands are found on the right section of the Dashboard. PLAY SOUND plays a tune at maximum volume, even if your ringer is off. You can use this to locate your device with sound. Just select the sound from the drop down menu and click PLAY.
RECORD SURROUNDINGS will send a command to record the surrounding ambient sounds, enabling you to figure out the location of the device. 10 seconds- 15 mins. can be recorded in one session.
SCREEN CAPTURE sends a command to make a recording of your device’s screen in real-time, lasting for 10 seconds-2 mins in one session. You can also click the SNAPSHOT button to take a screenshot of the screen.
The REMOTE CAMERA makes a picture using the onboard camera of your device. Both front or back cameras can be selected for the capturing.
The commands can fail in these scenarios. 1) The device currently doesn't have an Internet connection. This is common with mobile devices, 2) The device has been shutdown. Check the battery indicator on the device's Dashboard, 3) In some cases, Android will give certain apps a low priority and make resources less available to it. We are working to ensure that our apps always have high priority on Android, 4) The app has been uninstalled.
Device Administrator Commands
The two commands under the ORDINARY COMMANDS, are placed in an accessible location so that you can easily grant administration to Protector, if needed. Remotely lock/unlock your child’s device with the Remote Lock feature.
Or remotely block all camera activity on your child’s device with BLOCK CAMERA. These feature requires Protector to have Device Administrator permissions enabled in the device’s settings. Schedule remote lock at specific time periods.
The Timeline allows you to view all the activities happening within the selected device. You can also filter by Image, Audio, Video or GeoFences and sort by descending or ascending, and you can even jump to the date you want to view. Click the crossed out eye icon to hide a timeline record. Click the trash can icon to remove a timeline record. Add notes if needed.
Your location (points) history generates a geographical heat map (graphical representation) for any time range you choose. You can follow the path you travelled, prove your whereabouts when needed or use this for other tracking purposes. Either pick the default or date range, and the past 3 hours- 30 days for your selected app. Check or uncheck SHOW MY FENCES (GEOFENCES), SHOW MY DESTINATIONS, SHOW MY BARRIERS to show or not show these location features.
Your child’s contacts are backed up when Protector is installed and once contacts are added or edited on your child’s device. Contacts are listed in the same order as in your child’s device, in alphabetical order. Details of contacts can be seen when you click on them; details are the same information that you filled out in your phone. Notes can be added accordingly. You can also delete or edit the contact information directly. If some of your contacts did not upload to the app, this should not impact you. Some device and Android version combinations result in missing contacts. Also, not all devices store the phone number on the SIM card or in the device’s main storage area. In these cases, we will display “NA” for the phone number. You can add more contacts by clicking on the + icon.
IMAGES lists all the photos in a grid, with the photo date and time, when it was taken. Photos can be marked, in order to download, share or delete the image(s). The photos can be filtered by images, snapshots or remote images. When clicking on an individual photo, the photo can be viewed in full screen, and more details such as: time, place and date created are available. Connect you account to your social media to share immediately. Image orientation can be changed using the flip button. Images can be played by slideshow when clicking the “Play” button. You can flip through images using the arrows or by clicking on the pictures. Turn on/off the notifications switch if you would like to receive notifications for new images, configure these settings and where you would like to receive notifications to from the ACTIVITY ALERTS.
VIDEOS lists all the videos in a grid, with the video date and time, when it was taken. Videos can be marked, in order to download or delete the video(s). The videos can be filtered by regular videos or screen captures. When clicking on an individual video, the video will be enlarged and will play. Edit the video name by clicking on the pencil icon. Add notes where needed. Turn on/off the notifications switch if you would like to receive notifications for new videos, configure these settings and where you would like to receive notifications to from the ACTIVITY ALERTS.
Audio Files
AUDIO FILES lists all the audios in a vertical list, with the audio name, date and time and duration. Edit the audio name by clicking on the pencil icon. Add notes by clicking on the plus sign under NOTES. Listen to the audio by clicking on the play button. Audio files can be marked, in order to download or delete the file(s). Add notes where needed. Turn on/off the notifications switch if you would like to receive notifications for new audio files, configure these settings and where you would like to receive notifications to from the ACTIVITY ALERTS.
Ignored Media List
IGNORED MEDIA LIST lists all the media, including contact /phone number, date/time, duration and in/out that you have ignored because their size was too big or they took too long to upload. You can decide what you want or do not want to save from your Monitoring Settings. Select specific items to delete.
View All Notes
If you have made notes, find it all here under its corresponding category (locations, contacts, audios, videos, images or geofencing).
GeoFencing (Fence, Barrier, Destination)
GeoFences are created around specific areas (circumferences) and you will be notified when your child leaves that area.
Create Fences (name and address) around specific areas, with a radius dependant on the location accuracy settings, set from the monitoring settings. Be notified (IYC Dashboard or email) when your device leaves that area. Schedule notifications with always or specific dates and times. Choose to make public or not. Choose to disable when GPS is off. View the fence on the map with colored radius.
Create Barriers (name and address) around specific prohibited areas and be notified (IYC Dashboard or email) when your device enters that area. Schedule notifications with always or specific dates and times. Choose to make public or not. Choose to disable when GPS is off. View the fence on the map with colored radius.
Create Destinations around specific areas of interest and be notified (IYC Dashboard or email) when your device arrives at that area. Schedule notifications with always or specific dates and times. Choose to make public or not. Choose to disable when GPS is off. View the fence on the map with colored radius.
Click on the plus button to create a highly customized digital fence to know when the device leaves that general location. The geofence will be seen in the form of a colored circle on the right hand map. When creating a new fence/zone, pick the zone name, ex. “Home”, and the address. The radius of the fence can be changed accordingly (5-10 km). The alerts methods you can choose from are email, secondary email or the IF YOU CAN DASHBOARD (IYC DASHBOARD). Choose when to get notifies: when your devices leaves this zone, enters this zone or arrives in this zone. You can enable or disable GPS, by the slide of a button. Schedule options can be marked by picking entire days, by picking time selections or by choosing the option ALWAYS. To save a fence, don’t forget to click save on the bottom corner. When created, fences are listed in a horizontal list. Only one fence at a time can be viewed on the map. To go through different fences, click on the fence name. Fences can be edited or deleted with the pencil and trash can icon. A new device can be added to the geofence by clicking the plus icon. Each fence lists the details on the map, including radius, distance, address, creation date/ time and operational details.
Mapping is an imprecise science. You may notice this while driving using a mapping device and you start getting strange commands to turn when there's no road. While we continue to improve this feature with advanced usage of the accelerometer, please adjust the accuracy level in Monitoring Settings until you arrive at a decent balance. While this is a rare occurrence, location tracking is inherently inaccurate. If you have a Fence with a small radius, it can be quite easy to get a point with enough error that the device thinks it’s outside the Fence. If the location tracking method that you selected in Monitoring Settings relies on Cell Network, this can happen more frequently. Cell Network triangulation is inherently less reliable than GPS but has the advantage of being easy on the battery. If the method that you selected relies on GPS, it’s still possible to have a false alert. GPS doesn’t guarantee the location point. In general, there’s only a 68% probability that the specified point is within the reported accuracy measure. Regardless of the method, these false alerts can happen when the device is idle and Android slips into battery preservation mode. When this happen, location tracking will become more frequent. The purpose of GeoFencing alerts is to “alert” you of a possible event on your device. The purpose of GeoFencing alerts is to “alert” you of a possible event on your child’s phone. When you get an alert, you can jump into old school parenting techniques.
Installed Apps
The INSTALLED APPS gives you a list of apps, with the download date and time and version. By clicking on the application name, you will be taken to the application download page on Google Play, where you can learn more about the app. The Sync button will get you an entirely new refreshed list of apps uploaded from the device.
The settings includes DEVICE ALERTS, ACTIVITY ALERT and MONITORING SETTINGS for all the alert/notification settings in one place.
Device Alerts
Change your SIM card, set battery level info (10%-50%), set the offline or online status of your battery, shutdown or unknown. And choose the notification method, either your main email or another email.
Activity Alert
Get activity alerts for photos videos and audios that happen during your selected time and date. Choose the notification method, either your main email or another email.
Monitoring Settings
MONITORING SETTINGS includes UPLOADS, SIZE LIMITS & NETWORKS, BATTERY SAVER< HOM & ROAMING and LOCATION TRACKING. Enable the switches if you would like to monitor different types of UPLOADS, including Contacts (Upload contacts stored on device and related Google accounts), Apps Listing (Upload the details about all apps installed on the device), Images, Videos and Audios/Sound files. We want to ensure the privacy and safety of your data. Therefore, the data that's uploaded from your device is sent and stored encrypted. To decrypt this data takes some time and this is why you see some pages taking extra time to load.
SIZE LIMITS AND NETWORKS (ignoring files larger than your selected size on cell network, the maximum time to wait for wifi connection before deleting large media files and ignoring files large than your selected size on WIFI networks), BATTERY SAVER (upload large multimedia files only while the device is charging), and HOME AND ROAMING (choosing which kind of connection to use when uploading multimedia on different networks are also very helpful settings to manage.
LOCATION TRACKING provides four different accuracy levels (the higher the location accuracy, the more power consumption). The options include NO POWER CONSUMPTION with no locations provided (unless you’ve allowed the location in another app), CONSERVE BATTERY with 10 Km accuracy (city level accuracy), BALANCE BATTERY & ACCURACY with 100 meters accuracy (‘streetblock’ level accuracy) and HIGH ACCURACY (the most accurate locations) with aggressive battery consumption. With all location- tracking options, besides the NO POWER CONSUMPTION mode, more settings are provided to fit your preferences. The CONSERVE BATTERY option allows you to choose when to update your location (every 5-60 mins.), how often to update the location (upload to location history) when the device has moved (10 m-5 km), and to only accept an accuracy within 5 m-3 km. The BALANCE BATTERY & ACCURACY option allows you to choose when to update your location (every 1-60 mins.), how often to update the location (upload to location history) when the device has moved (10 m-5 km), and to only accept an accuracy within 50 m-5 km. The HIGH ACCURACY option allows you to choose how often to update the location (upload to location history) when the device has moved (10 m-5 km), and to only accept an accuracy within 5 m-5 km. This option discludes the update location option. Location Tracking can be turned off completely with the click of the upper right switch.
How to use
Record Surroudings
Take a Screenshot
Record Active Screen
Take a Remote Picture
Take a Remote Video
Play Sound
Lock device