• Protector

    by IF YOU CAN

Child monitoring and
location-tracking for parents.

    • Be notified when your child enters areas of interest with Fences / Barriers / Destinations
    • Rich location tracking and history including Heatmaps
    • Remotely activate your child's camera with the Remote Camera
    • Schedule activities such as Record Surroundings
    • Record their screen with Screen Capture
    • Remotely Lock and Wipe the data off your child’s device
    • One Account Multiple monitored phones
    • Disable your child’s camera activity with Block Camera

Full list of Features for

  • Protector

    by IF YOU CAN

    • Call Recordings
    • Schedule and Record
    • Set Fences
    • Set Barriers
    • Set Destinations
    • Heatmaps
    • Recent Locations And History
    • Real-time Location on Map
    • Device Activity
    • Device Timeline
    • Remote Camera Snaps On Demand
    • Remote Camera Snaps For Incorrect Password*
    • Schedule and Take Screen Captures
    • Remote Lock and Wipe Device*
    • Block All Camera Activity*
    • Replace Device
    • Hibernate/Wake Device
    • Play Sound To Locate Device
    • Backup Calls, Messages and Contacts
    • Backup All Media
    • Ignored Media List
    • View All Notes
    • Installed Apps List
    • Play Sound To Locate Device
    • Monitoring Settings
    • Device Status Changes Alerts
    • Activity Alerts
    • Settings and Command History
    • Share Data With Others
    • Battery Status
    • Device Online Status
    • Internet Connection Status And Strength
    • Location Tracking Methods And Status
    • GPS Status
    • Report Device Lost or Stolen
    • Wanted Poster
* for these Features see the Privacy Policy
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Your free trial should start after the app is installed and started. This is not an account level free trial. No credit card info is required. Upgrade or cancel any time. After the 90-day trial, you will be given a 30-day grace period during which you can upgrade to a premium subscription. If you don’t upgrade, all data will be deleted at the end of the grace period.
Your Premium subscription will activate once you make a purchase, so you should immediately add which (1) device you would like to continue using. If you would like to continue using more than one device you can purchase more subscriptions, accordingly. If your subscription with us is interrupted, your data will stay secure for 30 days, before being deleted.