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  • Logistics

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    Most of our apps utilize location algorithms for tracking Android and iOS devices. We’ve spent five years perfecting and optimizing location and logistics applications to run on inexpensive phones. Our technology on phones rather than proprietary black boxes makes sense for organizations of all sizes.

  • Device & Data Protection

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    Today, smartphones contain more data than computers. Our technology instantly, incrementally and securely backs up Android device data to a secure cloud. If you are looking to offer new and innovate data services to your customers, we can provide you with a secure Virtual Private Cloud. And, we’ll help you manage it.

  • Enterprise Notifications

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    If you’re an organization, you can use our multipurpose notification platform to instantly inform your customers / members of real time matters based upon their language preferences, group affiliation and notification priority. Notificiations prepared by you will be delivered to the notification screens of your customers’ iOS and Android phones.

  • App Development

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    Our apps are extremely complex. They run on every Android device brand and optimize battery usage and are extremely secure. If you have complex app needs, our team of extraordinary application development engineers, quality professionals and agile leaders can definitely address your most extreme needs.

    Whatever your needs may be, we can handle them for iOS and Android.

  • Cloud Development

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    Our Amazon Web Services capabilities are proven by the infinitely scalable and holistically secure deployment of our B2C protection suite. Our AWS developers and consultants can provide these same enterprise level skills with an impressive array of AWS development services including development, custom solutions, implementations, migrations, support and system integrations.

    Ask about our architecture and security review services.

  • Insurance Applications

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    As an insurer, are you looking for new things to insure? Are you a life insurance company but know more about your agents than you do your insured customers? Can’t risk the high price of bank assurance schemes?

    We can help you acquire, engage with and retain customers from alternative channels. We can help you get to know your customers very well. We have decades of insurance experience.

  • Mobile Network Operators

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    Services provided by mobile network operators have become commoditized. Many MNOs have a constrained ability to invest in network upgrades and digital advances and are increasingly vulnerable to competition and churn.

    Our suite of apps, deployed on a Virtual Private Cloud provided by us, can help differentiate your existing product and service portfolio for the purposes of attracting, engaging with and retaining customers.

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