Dear Customers: We would like to announce that we are making substantial changes to our system. All of these changes are meant to directly benefit our users. In summary, here’s what our customers are getting with these changes. Better, more modern user interface with an upgraded mobile view Additional functionality Increased security and reliability For those of you who cannot update your apps right away, we are leaving the old system up for at least one but no more than two weeks. We encourage everyone to update the apps immediately. For people who are monitoring children, you will want to go to For those using our app for backup purposes, you should go to We encourage everyone to start using our IYC Dashboard app. You can see the details here: After you update your app, you will no longer need to manually uninstall and reinstall. We have a new auto-update feature that simply requires you to click a button on the web and confirm it on the protected device. All the best, IYC Support Team